Sunday, May 14, 2006

With Love, pb

Seems like I've been typing stuff into computers forever. Even though I no longer want to rearrange the innards of the darned things, I still feel almost an affection for them. They don't scare me: l can be pretty handy with the right tool. When Husband RJ and I got our first home Internet connection, we knew that our world changed. We instantly melded with the web and could not survive without it. Even today, the very thought of a day without our fix(es) can prevent a much-needed upgrade.

It seemed inevitable that I would start some sort of site. Actually, I thought my husband would precede me. (He did, but it was through his job and didn't give him much joy.) The Internet attracted me; I wanted to be part of it. Visiting sites daily and commenting became a way of life. I found real connection to other people and their worlds.

The bug never bit until I emailed a snapshot to a blogger in my original home state of Massachusetts. RJ had photographed a squirrel with an unusual tail. Sissy was not impressed and suggested we faked it. Miffed, I replied that I wished I hadn't sent it. She thought I needed a tougher skin if I wanted anything to do with the Internet.

I answered the challenge with two posts, making Sissy my blogmother.

Hooked. So terribly hooked.

There are now a few blogs on my roster, most notably the MSCompanion. Through that site (and this!) I have met so many wonderful people, some of whom are now family. All are cherished and keep my email quite busy.

Two sites have been updated by my talented blogsister, Karen, and I hope to update some more. Content-wise, my favorite is "Wusses." It's rather like vanity publishing: only my opinion counts (to date). Redesigning has become another addiction.

Fortunately, blogging and site-redesign aren't fattening. And my BlogSis makes it full of surprises, and fun.

My blogrolls are rather like extended family. I still check in with them often. To those who find yourself in the Little Pond: Welcome, and thank you to all commenters and silent visitors. And emailers. By the way, I no longer monitor traffic to my sites. Counts don't count any more.

Not all my sites are currently active. Some were really one-shot deals, collections of photos of the moment. They filled a need that has passed; others will occasionally be reactivated. Traffic and commenting are fine. I admit I love to hear from everyone. But. No comment; no problem. After one year of blogging, I know one thing for sure.

The Little Pond, with all its feeder creeks, still pools and choppy whitewaters, and peopled by both family and guests, has been my gift to myself. I blog because I enjoy it, and I will continue to blog as long as I do.

Happy Bloggiversary to all of you sharing it with me.

Sissy, I haven't forgotten: Happy Mother's Day to my Everloving BlogMother.

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers, both biological, and spiritual. May Heaven fill your arms with children wherever you go, that they may gladden your heart with love and laughter.

Little Pond


Sissy Willis said...

You will always be my little love. :)

Karen of Scottsdale said...

Happy Blogiversary! many happy returns of the day

I am so glad you dare to visit my blog and start a friendship that has turned into a sisterhood. Thanks for your words of encouragement and humorous comments.

The redesign for wussies will come eventually. My apologies for the delay.

pb said...

No apologies needed. Waiting makes everything all the sweeter.

Bonita said...

I think the people who stay with blogging love to write as well as share....thanks for both.