Friday, March 13, 2009

I start work in Binghamton on Monday.

I am to bring my acceptance letter with me.

It is considered a lateral move with same pay.

There will be at least two hours of commuting everyday, in my 1995 Geo Tracker that is held together with duct tape. I did get an oil change, but don't have time for anything else.

My nearest, dearest coworker is going to the Press Plant in Johnson City.

We knew all sorts of bad things were on the way, but I must confess I am in shock, anyway.

I have to trust that all will work out for the best.

Little Pond

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

I'd love to post, but

this is Ellie's week at her other house and I must clean, clean, clean. One week with the doggie means one week with minimum cleaning. The next is catch-up time.

We escaped the megastorm that messed up the East Coast, but we always have lake effect snow here, all winter long. That means our floors and carpets show salt the entire time. (In the spring and summer, Husband RJ tracks gardening dirt, but that's another post.)

Lucky us! We had sunshine late yesterday, and are starting with a glorious morning today. The bitter cold makes the house warm, except around the windows and doors. Those are specially weather-stripped for the winter and usually do not leak cold. This frigid spell, however, comes with constant gentle winds and occasional gusts. It's weird and worrisome to feel the chill at the sills and jambs.

We are also dog-sitting our next-door neighbor's, um, whatever it is. He's very tiny, compared to Ellie, brown, short hair and big, wide, erect ears with long hairs hanging from their tips, and a pugged-in face and nose. Decidedly a lap dog, Wookie is aging and arthritic, so much so, that his "wrist" joints point his feet away from his body. It looks as if he were walking on broken legs, although he's not.

Wookie is an indoor dog and the companion to my fairly house-bound neighbors, who are visiting Hawaii. They could not get a kennel, and their family's promise to watch Wookie fell in at the last minute. We are not alone, though, and Wookie gets 3-4 visits a day from us and other sitters.

So, with my usual chores, dog-sitting, and the occasional attention to details regarding my future position in Johnson City, I am living a busy life here. Okay!?

Sorry about the post, though.


Little Pond