Friday, February 24, 2012

Almost winter?

Our squirrel feeder is empty this morning.
What do you mean, "You don't have a squirrel feeder?"

Outside the window, the world is a study in black and white. 

For a short while the house across the street is hidden.

It is already 40 F
(4.4 C)
and the snow will soon be a memory.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Peaceable Kingdom.

Not quite.  What has actually occurred:  new battle lines are being drawn.

Both the new dog and the new cat have insinuated themselves into unusual alliances.

Frankie, the dachshund mix freely mixes with Patches and Bubba, both badasses that ruled with iron claws.

Incie the Double-Pawed, keeps company with both dogs, and bullies Patches and Bubba.  DeeDee is too old to give a damn about pecking order, and cuffs Incie if she approaches, but will now cozy up to Patches.  Bubba has decided that Ellie is no longer anathema.  And Frankie is learning to be ignored by DeeDee.

This is taking quite a lot of years off my life, while I deal with a new infestation of fleas, worms, and neurotic over-grooming.  In the pets, that is.  I'm doubly tired, but otherwise intact.

 Former antagonists, Bubba and Ellie.
Frankie, Ellie and Incie, all had to learn to live together at VeggiGirl's former home.

Incie has claimed every square centimeter of space for herself, including those meant for humans.

Former deadly rivals, DeeDee and Patches, now are willing to share space to avoid the dreaded Double-Pawed interloper.

The rest of us are but pawns in this power struggle.  And my sensitive nose is ready to pack up and leave.

Little Pond