Friday, May 24, 2013

Friendly spat

You could lose an eye like that, Little Girl!  Oh, I know that it's possible, but Sarah plays very rough.  And poor Bubba is overweight, underexercised and only too willing to mix it up with her. 
Actually, the two are buddies.  Sarah always wants to play, and Bubba tolerates her until he has had enough.  This is the last shot.  Before that they were fine together.
By the way, Bubba has at least five pounds on Sarah and can handle himself quite nicely, thank you.
For more adventures with Sarah, visit
and see her other sparring partner, Frankie.  He taught her how to wade and swim last week.
Little Pond

Monday, May 13, 2013

Before the Frost

 Just to hedge (and rage)  against Mother Nature, we are posting these shots of Husband RJ's back yard blossoms.

Once again we are expecting a visit from Jack (A$$) Frost tonight.

With any luck the ornamental trees will survive intact, but it has been our sad experience over three decades that the wisteria is not so hardy.

When the frost nips them, we cannot expect any more blooms for a while, maybe even years.  The cascades are lovely, and we are going crazy shooting picture after picture to remind ourselves that they are  more than just a weed overtaking our property.
To be perfectly fair, we have to admit that the greenery beats the bombed out backyard we inherited from our predecessors.  Say a prayer for our blossoms!

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Not crocuses nor snowdrops

At first look these would seem to be some sort of miniature crocus.
 Husband RJ tells me they are species tulips.

Apparently, tulips had their start in just such a humble beginning.


You may have seen the species roses that line the streets of the waterfront in Maine.  It seems everyone has those exquisite five-petaled roses tumbling from their fences. 


They certainly look like crocus, but they are quite tiny.
All the better to hide in private spaces tucked into corner rock gardens.