Saturday, May 31, 2008

It poured.

But just before the rain resumed, I ducked around the house and snapped Husband RJ's prized irises.
The deep purple iris is the symbol of Elmira College, which used to be Elmira Female University, I think. Purple and gold, colors that are sometimes reflected in the sports uniforms.
Lately, those colors are more accurately reproduced by the clematis vines that grow on the fences of the soccer and baseball fields attached to the main campus.

But these are nice, just the same.

Later we went to the Chemung River and got even wetter.

Little Pond

Monday, May 26, 2008

A Heartfelt Thank You

to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, and to those who put their lives on the line to protect our beautiful country and our wonderful way of life.

God Bless and Keep You.

Chemung River Valley, USA

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Local Lore

Like any beautiful area worth its American salt, Chemung County nourishes an old tradition of horrible monsters, lovely maidens and brave heroes, all compiled into a love story.

Full legend is here, as told by Dr. Robert Lyon, a descendant of an old settler family from the late 1700s. A quick recap:

Tiny little Eldridge Lake, not much more than a puddle, really, has its very own legend. Ours involves a settler's boy failing to fit in with his native tribe. Unable to compete with the other, more successful braves, the young man wanders on his own into forbidden territory, the quicksand marshes that surround Eldridge Lake. There he sees a maiden of unearthly beauty weaving flowers into garland. He chooses to pursue her, and she returns his affection. She sets out into the lake in her white canoe and calls upon her father, the Great Spirit, to bless their love. Gaspara, the monster of the lake, immediately rises and drags her to her death. Days later the body of the young man is found dead in a white canoe on Eldridge's shore.

Newest update: the lake monster, Gaspara, is now called Jasper?

A resurgence in interest in Eldridge Lake is being celebrated this holiday weekend.

A lovely, public supported rebuilt carousel will also open for the season.

Many people worked very hard to make this year's opening a reality.

Monday, May 19, 2008

If you can stand one more shot of cute goslings,

You should go here.

I walked the usual route around the levee and Foster Island. It is already incredibly lush and overgrown.

Unfortunately, the tall grass and weeds hid the burrow that snagged my boot, and I went down in a heap. Thirteen years of Multiple Sclerosis has taught me how to fall and I was unhurt, though a little sore. No broken bones.

Regrettable casualty? My Monopod. I'd reinforced that thing at the lower two joints to stop just such nonsense. Natcherly the third joint up bent and snapped. I will once again reinforce it, with dowling and tons of electrical tape.

Can anyone direct me to a sturdier support? It can't be too expensive, because I'm sure to break it. I am willing to augment it, though.

Little Pond

Sunday, May 11, 2008

It's in the Air

Babies everywhere around here:
For a video fix of our mommy herding her little darlings, go here.

And I believe we can expect some more soon:

Here are a lovely little couple, making eyes at each other and cuddling necks. So cute!

Little Pond

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Don't you just love it?

Whenever I begin to get nervous about either Hillary or Barack, they shoot themselves in each other's foot. At this point they are busily destroying one another--and their own reputations--in a fun-to-watch mutual smearing campaign.

Divide and conquer? Who needs it when the Democratic presidential candidates are doing it for us?

Little Pond

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Feed the little brown birds all winter,

And look what you get in the springtime. Sort of like a canary, isn't it? The house finches will also brighten up, turning a lovely deep rose color. And there is a huge variety of migrant birds following the Chemung.
Down by the river, I have adopted a plump little feather ball. He was staying close while I took pictures for the River Hag, three nice bird shots. Different opportunities when the River Dog is not with me.Tomorrow or Saturday, I can expect the HuggaMutt to join me on my walks, weather permitting. We are hoping the rains give us a break in the morning, when my car will be in for inspection. Vacation will be over this weekend, and for once, I feel totally rested and satisfied with how the week went.

Little Pond