Monday, August 16, 2010

Hive Collapse?

Two years now, we've been hearing about hive collapse and the loss of honey bee colonies.  Yet during those two years, there have been plenty of honey bees around the Chemung River.
The two bees in these photos are typical of any visit in the summer here.  I worry because my childhood included a beehive tended by my Dad.
If you look in the top right, you will see a jealous Ellie, waiting none too patiently for me to throw her toy into the River.  She's not interested in bees, except when they sting her.

Little Pond

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Knocked flat!

Was it right about this time last summer we began to hear about Swine Flu?

I am seated ramrod straight in front of the keyboard, trying not to turn my head.  The absolutely worst neck pain since the neuralgia of my first diagnosis.

Much better since yesterday, though.  I spent half the day with a corn kernel bag against my neck and shoulder.  And last night's sleep simply wasn't, period.

Today is another day, and the Grandchild will visit with the GrandDogs and MamaDog herself, carrying the next Grand.  She may have been the one who transmitted the nasty bug to me.

Babysitter Bubba
No matter.  Better to have bug and a visit with the grand, than no bug and and no grand.

Little Pond