Thursday, April 30, 2009

What every woman needs.

This year the emphasis was on the practical. Paint sprayer, window washer or house washer. The kids got together and got me the pressure washer at left.
Tested it out on the new Malibu. I'm a little afraid to use the maximum pressure nozzle, since they have so many caveats on it. I wound up scrubbing the bugs off the front and sides, but the rest was a piece of cake.
Birthday cake, that is.
Little Pond

Monday, April 27, 2009

A change of pace

We are on vacation, and I've already taken the HuggaMutt to the river three times. We actually went down into the fishermen-only area that I call "Goose Point" yesterday. This is remarkable only because it was essentially inaccessible until recently, at least by those of us who are afraid to cross the trestle bridge.
We were able to take the long way around the feeder creeks and find the spit of land that is usually reserved for the geese themselves. They didn't mind us, but some sort of mammal, muskrat, maybe, worried them a tad after we left.

Herself couldn't stay out of trouble:
All in all a pretty satisfying morning. Today we went upriver to the West Elmira area:

Tomorrow we will check out the spillover area downtown. I've seen several unusual birds and hope to catch them on camera: a white-and-black harrier and a mostly black osprey.
Looking forward to it.
Little Pond

Thursday, April 23, 2009

It took them a while.

Yesterday we were finally all in accord. All of us hate working in Binghamton, including our buddy who actually started out there, and was at least not unhappy to return.

The first week I was called into the Star Chamber. You know, the place where there are two levels of supervisor and just one of you. I had said that I was afraid I was going to wind up not caring, because I was overwhelmed by the difficulty of the adjustment.

Helpfully, they told me I'd better keep it to myself. Thanks for the assist, guys.

Less than two weeks later, one of my co-commuters was called in and treated the same. She had committed the sin of leaving unfinished work with her supervisor. The supe thought it was necessary to call in the next level to chew her out.

Apparently they are not too happy about our commuting situation.

Well, this week our last buddy was given a raft of it over her suggestions regarding workflow, as regarding customers from our old work place. I never make suggestions: they resent it.

She did not take it lying down, however. She went right over the heads of them both.

Can't wait to watch the fallout.

Little Pond

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Birders: Some Help, Please!

Saw this fellow while walking Ellie on Foster Island Easter Sunday. The shape of the bill makes me think it's a merganser, maybe a female.

Go here for a series of eight photos. Unfortunately, the darned thing was backlit in the early morning sun, so I can't even tell you its colors. Good sized fowl, about as big as a goose.

Any ideas?

Little Pond

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Now I'm a statistic.

My debit card number was stolen over the internet and used. The bank called to ask if I ordered $1500 worth of merchandise from a bridal/promdress salon, and over $700 from the and (of all things...) $7.90 from

Well, I hadn't, so they stopped payment on it all and will go after the culprit.

So if you get a call about questionable charges, be sure to reply or call back.

Little Pond