Sunday, January 28, 2007

Chemung River, Sunday Morning

A very ice-clogged river waited for the HuggaMutt. My camera only caught one photo of her, because I was fascinated by the animal tracks and signs all over Foster Island this morning.

She's such good company these days. Especially while she is learning to come to the whistle. She waits for my lead, and yet she still has time to poke and roam before I call her.

Lots less stress on my aching knees and frozen feet. We each go at our own pace now.

You can visit the River with us here. As for me and my mutt, we are going to make some Italian Wedding Soup. Please note all the variations. Today we are using premium ground chicken, turkey sausage and spinach. If I get good at it, I will go for something more authentic later.

Little Pond

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Missing Ellie

She's in Golden Glow and I miss her. Took the camera and went to the Chemung River without her. It's not as much fun alone and the walk back is interminable.
But the camera had a bunch of these photos of the Great Pet Chair Cold War. Bubba and Ellie, and sometimes Patches, don't actually fight over the chair. They just try to crowd the others out.

Note the amateurish patches on the arms. It doesn't pay to do the super-deluxe job, only a quick patching using the Buttoneer.

I love all my little buddies, but they are just animals, after all. We are fortunate that they get along as well as they do.

When Ellie isn't here, Patches uses all her "spots," and comes for all the attention, lest it goes to waste. She even rolls on her back on the floor in the places the doxie frequents. I'm convinced she is deliberately taking over Ellie's role.
Little Pond

Friday, January 19, 2007

Name Game

Today you absolutely must go to Criminal Grace for the Name meme.

1--My bros are Steve, Jim, Tom, Matt, Andy and Pam. The theme for the guys were the names of the Apostles. To hear my Mum tell it, we girls were named after her two favorite dolls. Middle names were admired family and friends.

2--Currently we have Ellie, DeeDee, Patches, and Bubba. I personally only named DeeDee (Deirdre for mourning--we'd just lost Caligula) and Patches, because she's a Tortabby. The kids named their pets.

3--I always name my car. My blue Tracker's name is Flipper, because they are known for rolling in an accident. (so don't ask what I called the little brown Chevette that was always breaking down...) Obviously, I live in Little Pond and we call the structure Friendly House.

4--Baker speaks for itself. Without actually posting it, our married surname means the Old Wolf or the Old Guard (as in household).

5--Hah! This question was a fake. I would never name an island or country beforehand. The place itself would have to suggest its own name.

Actually, I suggested the questions for Criminal Grace this week. You should too, if you are a fan of memes.


Little Pond

Friday, January 12, 2007

Playtime on Friday

Our usually Five on Friday, from Criminal Grace. Today's meme is Playtime.

1--The most memorable childhood toy would be a two-wheeler bike. We had to wait a long time for that. After the bike would be Barbie. 2 of them, as I recall. No Kens.

2--I grew up in a big family and kid-filled neighborhood. We were very rarely alone.

3--War. We always played war. Guns and all--airguns, I think. Usually patterned after WWII, but with the girls, we sometimes played indians. No cowboys. I remember shooting someone in the eye who was "riding in a statecoach!"

4--Anything with a huge gang would be a hit with our neighborhood. I do recall a game of Uboats and Submarines on rainy days with my brothers.

5--Big family and kid-filled neighborhood encouraged sharing. I distinctly remember helping to torment those who wouldn't share. We shared a lot, but very little of anything valuable was shared. Things were often left out in the yard. That surely is bygone now. I remember bikes never had to be brought inside. That happened once with my daughters, and a bike was stolen right around night fall.

Okay, you meme-mongerers! Go visit Criminal Grace's Five on Friday. She's soliciting suggestions.

Little Pond

Monday, January 08, 2007

One week until MLK day...

Around here, it's a day off for schools and government work. And that's a good thing, if you happen to attend one or the other. The rest of us seem to just hype the day. And that's a good thing for business.

I happen to think King was a great man, and that we were privileged to live in his time. So I like to celebrate it beforehand, by mentioning another great black man. One at least his equal.

Our own local saint may yet be canonized, in a very secular way. But that means money, money, money. It takes money, even with saints, especially with saints that lack proper recognition. Even with government grants, because they need matching funds.

The story is a front page item right on the fold, the prime real estate of a newspaper. This is so very important, and the Star-Gazette really came through.

If you study the story's photo, taken by good buddy, and all around nice guy, Jason Whong, you can see the lovely little house where Mr. Jones retired. The house that will become the museum.

Everyone is clearly trying hard to help the effort, but right now is a bad time for raising money. Let's hope that the spring will afford more opportunity for fundraisers.

The museum is right across from the Woodlawn Cemetery, where Jones worked his charitable miracles. The National Cemetery there features his handiwork. The whole story is breathtaking in its scope.

I consider John Jones a more important local hero than Samuel Clemens, who was only a visitor, a temporary resident. The guy was truly a saint. And that would be in the universal sense of the word. A person who did one thing very, very well. An ordinary person with extraordinary vision. And who followed through with very unglamorous hard work.

And check the comments section. Talk is cheap and easy; fundraising is hard work.


Little Pond

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Well, it was sunny.

No longer. We are ready to embark on some more seasonable weather soon. Already it is dark and gloomy.

But this morning was glorious. I've got a touch of a bug, but not enough to be exhausted. No church, however, because I don't believe in bringing illness to my pewmates. Regardless of what the crazy nuns used to teach us. I am surrounded by seniors and refuse to infect them. If that takes me to Hell, so be it.

I grabbed the camera and went to the Chemung to document the insanely spring-like weather. Felt good, although the runny nose gets tiresome, even in the bright sunlight.

Little Pond

Friday, January 05, 2007

Criminal Grace is back

...with Five on Friday, after a short hiatus.

I personally am not a betting man.

1. My Dad and brothers taught me five card stud when I was young. I'm not good with number, period. Cards are numbers, ergo...

2. Never for money, but I've played strip poker. Lotsa fun to lose!

3. Except for solitaire, I never play cards. Ugh, numbers again.

4. Love casinos. Love slots. Ooooh, pretty, pretty!

5. Not a bettor. Except in life in general. Otherwise, I don't think I'd still be working with a disability.

Little Pond

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Ellie and I

Went RiverBlogging today. Just a quick trip to try out our new toy. Worked well, too.

Little Pond

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year to Us All!

New Year's Day at 9:00 AM is an excellent time to visit the Chemung River. We passed no one on our way down, some five blocks worth.

And my little RiverDog hunted up a huge Pheasant! Bigger than herself. Photo here if you're wondering who RiverDog is.

Except for the pheasant, there were only a few ducks, a scolding squirrel, and a couple of cats lazily watching us from the nearby homes.

Hope the rest of the year is this delightful and serene.

God Bless all my Internet Family and Friends!

Little Pond