Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Response to the Prom

That was the title of the piece buried in the back of the first section of our newspaper. Here is the original article posted to their local newspaper.

The brave girl, who took on the local school district and won, is a lesbian who just wanted to attend the prom as herself. In a tuxedo. Prom dresses and tuxedos are de rigeur, for proms, aren't they?

The school board told her she couldn't. Then she sued for discrimination and won.

Now the parents are unilaterally scotching the prom. They are refunding the other couples' money. Just like that; it's over.

In case you think the girl is simply looking for her fifteen minutes' fame--you know, the one promised by Andy Warhol:

The girl, Constance McMillen, asked for and got only what she wanted: the decisions and court costs.

Now the parents have organized their own private prom, designed to exclude the sort of people they don't like. Sound familiar? This sort of thing happened when the bigots decided they didn't want anyone but Caucasians to attend.

The new bigots, of course, are now what we used to call homophobes.

Heaven forbid there should be more tuxedos than prom gowns at their little social! Then life surely would be out of whack.

First it was people of color, now it's alternate lifestyles. What or who is next? They will find something to make them feel superior, you can bet on it. A bigot needs to exclude someone, or they can't face their puny little selves in the mirror. The new bigots are just old bigots who lost the earlier battles.

Please God: don't let the bigots win this one.

Little Pond

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Finally back to business.

I am back to my usual shutterbuggery, even daring to go out alone to the Chemung.

Also, check out the new header, courtesy of Digital Karen, my very own blogsis, at the MS Companion!


Little Pond

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Look towards the light!

Step-granddog Jake, left, and the HuggaMutt Ellie bask in the warmth of an open door. The sunlight makes them sleepy and quiet. Not their usual.

Spring is on the way, folks.

Little Pond