Monday, July 29, 2013

Sarah is settled in

Bubba and Sarah explore the run together.  These days they both enjoy the back yard, although Sarah is much more vocal about passersby.
After five months, we are happy to report that Sarah is fully house-trained.  I thought it would take longer, but she already knows that she can come to me after an accident.  In fact, she has a little dance she does to let me know that we didn't get her out soon enough.
When I see her dance, I grab the paper towels and sani-wipes.  This reminds me of when Ellie would get me to search for her treats after they rolled under the couch.  Only the outcome is not so pleasant.  We are great recyclers of plastic grocery bags!
Sarah has already trained Husband RJ to overfeed her, and as a result, she is limping a bit.  Rear passenger-side paw.  This is because we walk city sidewalks.  Unfortunately, it is going to be a long road teaching her to go to the Chemung River.
Sarah gets very car-sick, even on short trips.  I plan to wait for the next unbearable hot day.  I will give her dramamine and transport her to where Ellie loved to wade.  Once she sees that it is worth the trouble, she will give in.

Bonus:  after our visit/swim, she gets a bath, a massage (her favorite!) and a nap.  The nap is courtesy of the dramamine.

In the meantime, we have drastically cut back on her food and treats.  Even Husband RJ can see she is too young to be limping.

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