Monday, December 31, 2007

Last Day 2007

The old apple tree from the bathroom window. Not an especially problematic snow, although Husband RJ has already been out once to clear the walks. More tonight and tomorrow morning.

I will work the paper. Haven't partied the New Year in ages.

Wolf Packs out tonight. For the non-upstater, that's common usage for the presence of the Sheriff's Department Traffic Random Traffic Stops. Around here that means very safe streets after midnight.

I'll probably be stopped, myself, on the way home from work. The sheriff's deputies don't know me from Adam. City police leave me alone, after a few stops in the early years.

Party safely and if you drink, stay over.

Little Pond

Saturday, December 15, 2007


The vacation will be over soon and the rush is on. Tonight I hope to watch my much adored son in law play in his band. Don't Look in the Basement.

They will be selling sweatshirts and cds, which brings on the next issue. Husband RJ, VeggiGirl and I are the (1) Secret Santa for my also-adored brother in law, Patricio. He was also in a band, OHM of Boston, Massachusetts. I'm ashamed to admit I don't know whom he is with now, but they had a bit of success in their group, so I know he will love a few mementos from our local up and comer.

Otherwise, we recently cleared about 6.6" (16.51 cm) from our walks, in two separate shovellings. We also cleared up to our neighbor's door, since she is somewhat shut in during the winter. I mention this because on the second pass, it was clear that another neighbor also cleared her walk, coming from the other direction. Later, when her husband came home, he cleared our walk all the way around with his blower. Even later, I saw yet another friend coming from the back way, blowing the snow on the Guinnip side all the way to the corner!

God, I love Elmira, New York!

Update: and I love my Chemung River, even in winter.

Little Pond

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

In the Middle

...of my week off, and I going to do the things I usually do. Clean, check my bills, and visit with Golfer Girl in Corning.

The whole area is dark; it is raining and we are waiting for the MidWestern storm to catch up with us. The HuggaMutt refuses to get out of bed. I'll bet I could even use the whistle and she wouldn't budge.

And, oh joy, we are expecting a Nor'easter this coming weekend! Husband RJ is beside himself with worry and anticipation. Fortunately his mother has been discharged from the hospital and is resting at home. No more trips for my father in law, over the river and back.

No way to do it but to hunker down and go through it.

Hope the weather is treating you all better.

I'm afraid my
Baby Blogsister Pearlie must be caught in the messy ice storm. Our thought and prayers are with all of you out there.

Little Pond

Monday, December 10, 2007

Rocky Start

My vacation got off to a rocky start. When I arrived home Friday night (actually Saturday morning, 1AM) there was a message on the answer machine.

My Inlaws were at a local hospital. My dear MIL was having severe abdominal pain. Mindful of my problems with MSG and other additives, they wondered if she was suffering the same.

Actually, her appendix had ruptured. I stayed with them until Husband RJ could arrive. She had emergency surgery later that morning. We have all been visiting, off and on, since then. She's going home tomorrow, and already she's bored and sick of the food.

By a very strange irony, I actually got a touch of MSG poisoning at a wine, cheese and chocolate party Saturday night. That had the effect of mostly keeping me home these last two days.

So Josephine's Journey got another chapter. Some people are just lightning rods for trouble. Some people like it that way. Josey does.

Little Pond

Sunday, December 02, 2007

So this is December

Tried to take Ellie to the River. Too cold and biting for her to really enjoy. We trudged through the snow a while. When she seemed a little distressed by it all--keep in mind that a few inches comes up to her neck--I threw her in the back of the car. We returned home to a warm sofa with cuddly throw, hunkering for a nasty ice storm.

And I had another disturbing dream.

Little Pond