Thursday, August 01, 2013

No RiverDogging

My little Sarah will never be a River Dog or a River Hound.  Sarah gets very carsick, even on short trips.  I cannot watch her be so miserable, just so I can go to the Chemung.
Sarah is also arthritic.
Only three years old, but she gave her puppyhood and some breeding years in the service of veterinary medicine.  Canine fetal research to be exact.  Poor Sarah has arthritis in both hips and limps at least as noticeably as I do.  No LOL.

We are now treating her.  I recognized the sound of toenails scraping on the sidewalk.  Sound eerily similar to the sound I make when my left foot drags, ever so slightly.

The last straw was her losing sleep this week.  Again I recognized the constant repositioning of her little body, trying to get comfortable.  To no avail.

Well, last night she slept soundly, all the way through.  She is eating with good appetite, and we have been advised to keep her weight around 22 pounds (10 kilos).  We have treat-meister Husband RJ on board this time; he is appalled by her limping.

Sarah is my companion, my little love bug.  I can promise you she will enjoy herself for the rest of her life with us.  She will visit dogs on our walk, and very occasionally, at my daughters' homes.  She gets along well with two of our cats, and gives as good as she gets from the third.

God bless my little companion.  I love her all the more.

Little Pond