Monday, July 06, 2015

Time sucks and Incan rulers

Wow!  Facebook is a huge time suck.  The worst part is how everyone expects everyone else to check it out a couple times a day.  I am a once-a-dayer at best. 

Right now I am still writing my book about St. Joseph.  This is taking twice as long as I hoped, but I must be finishing soon, because I am getting a feeling of urgency.  I wish I had an editor.

Even though I am still researching and writing, I have finally gotten a tiny bit of inspiration for my sequel to Time Heals: The First Nexuses.  Josephine will definitely NOT be having sex with her first encounter, who strikes me as too young and immature.

However, she will likely roll in the hay with an Incan ruler, or two.  I am still trying to get her to travel to prehistoric (Dream Time) Australia.  It's difficult, because it is such a dry continent.

In the meantime, Jesus is going to the desert oasis to meet with St. John the Baptist.  They are both still kids, and the prophet is just recently orphaned.  Next we all grow up and head to the Temple in Jerusalem.  Jesus' love interest will appear.

More on her (Susannah) later.