Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sarah Francine

She is my new companion.  I will never forget my River Dog Ellie.  When I entered the facility at Cornell, the sight and sounds made me cry for her again.
While treated humanely, she had spent her first 2+ years as a laboratory trials subject, living with other mini-beagles in a kennel.
You can bet she was incredibly surprised by snow this morning.
Little Sarah had never been walked or even outside, never house broken, never called by name. She is about the size of Ellie, and completely silent.
Fortunately, the RiverHound Frankie will have her howling in no time.
Little Pond

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Is is about shoes???

I dreamed I was helping a friend move furniture from some rooms to others.

After a while the friend turned into a former boss, who somehow had accrued enough furniture to fill a warehouse.  He owned the warehouse, too.  The work was way too much for me, for my back, and for the whole MS thing.

Then, when I was just about done, the whole scene turned into a furniture store.  I began to assist customers, when I noticed that I had removed my shoes while moving the furniture.

When I searched for the shoes, I found many, many shoes, all lined up on a wall.

Mine weren't there.  I checked around and found out that the area that held my shoes had become a shoe store.

They had sold my shoes.  The clerk showed me the copy of the bill of sale.  They had gotten $17.99 for them, worn and all.  I had paid $32.00, originally.

The shoes were spike heels, so I figured I wouldn't miss them.  On the other hand, I still needed the money back to buy a new pair of shoes.


Little Pond