Sunday, April 30, 2006

Told Ya So

I wasn't going to blog over the weekend, and I won't: I'm going to let Waheed do it. It's what I've been saying all along. Watch Afghanistan to view a possible timeline for Iraq. Watch this space. I do.

Little Pond

Friday, April 28, 2006

Too impatient for most cinema

Pathetic, isn't it? Thank goodness for DVD's! Such pertinent questions at Five on Friday, thanks as usual to Criminal Grace:

Silver Screen
1--No all-time favorite movie for me, just favorite directors, writers, producers and actors. Guess I'm just not hard-core.

2--I vaguely remember walking out of a movie, just once, when I was in college. Can't for the life of me remember what it was. During a film-festival sort of class.

3--The last movie I remember was Return of the King. Viggio Mortensen was yummy.

4--I rarely eat popcorn at the theater; I hate getting husks in my teeth, and never remember to bring floss.

5-- I only go to the theater when I know the home video can't reproduce the total, wide-screen, surround-sound, etc, experience.

Little Pond

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Thus began the disaster that was Wednesday

Actually the day wasn't too bad. The night was disastrous. Tuesday brought new tires from Badyear. But I had a lovely, three hour wait. I headed out to take photos in the morning sun.

Good thing, too. About the only good thing. After three hours I was billed a stunning amount for four tires, balancing, and a front end alignment (previously done last summer).

Wednesday night began with a vibration in the back end of the vehicle, on the way to work. I called Badyear, and told them I needed an early appointment Thursday. I was tartly informed that many people were ahead of me, so good luck Oh, well, not unexpected, although disappointing. Then I was informed that a coworker called in sick. I added his work to mine. The troubles from the new system were totally well-represented, all night. Things were so bad with Atext, that the Sports department called for a cutback to one edition, with the paper's deadline set for Midnight. We missed deadline. It was 12:30 AM when I reluctantly got in the car.

Fortunately it was only three blocks to Badyear. Fortunately, a coworker tailed me. Fortunately, I was scared of the sound, which echoed last summer, when a tire shot off my vehicle on Route 352 in West Elmira. Fortunately it was 12:30 AM and there were very few other drivers.

Halfway down the block to the tire store, there was a nasty ping and the left rear tire popped off. The Tracker swerved to the left and I braked. At absolutely no time had I driven faster than reeeeeaaaaalllllyyyy slow. So I wasn't surprised, stunned, afraid, or anything like any sort of normal emotion. Just "Here we go again" running wordlessly through my head.

I'm home, and blogging. I should be preparing for BabySister's visit. But I'm exhausted and somewhat depressed. Maybe I'll play a video game.

Thank the Lord this was Elmira, and not a big city. I was on the edge of one of our "worst" neighborhoods, and was faced only with courteous locals, concerned for my well-being. They checked to see if I was okay, and moved quickly out. One of Elmira's Finest was passing by, and came right over.

We weren't able to get our local AAA tow, but we got another, who was at the city lot. Who required cash on the barrelhead. Who politely took $70 to move the car less than one-quarter block.

Badyear was on the line before 10 AM with a full report and an explanation. All will be set right, although I doubt I'd make a good referral these days. We will shuffle cars for the next few days, and of course BabySister will bring hers. I am well and unhurt; my dearest, loving Husband RJ came right to my side within minutes. The young, deferential officer left on an emergency call right after the tow arrived. I was home in bed by 2:00 AM. Thus are the benefits of life in a small, country-sort of city in Upstate New York.

Blessings? Too many to count, thank you.

Little Pond

Monday, April 24, 2006

Welcome to the Blogosphere!

Very light blogging this week while I prepare for my BabySister's visit.

It's too important to pass over: Scottsdale Karen, my beloved BlogSister, has a rather awkward BlogChild relationship going on here. Go here for her take on it all.

Congrats to all involved.

Little Pond

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Anything Can Happen

A Story of Survival from the Elmira Star Gazette; Dina Jacobson is a Holocaust Survivor. She has recently come into her own, speaking about the horrors endured in Hitler's death camps.
“No one thought about living,” Jacobson said. “Everyone gave up. That's it. There was thirst. There was hunger. There was cold. That was my life for three years.

She also tells the story of waiting for the Nazis to come. I've personally known others who simply could not speak about it at all. "Sophie's Choice" was not unique. Mrs. Jacobson's husband was also a Holocaust Survivor.
Kalmon “Jake the Glass Man” Jacobson became well-known in
the region. He died about three years ago.

Jake used to say he never had a peaceful night's sleep ever again. The terrors of the death camp woke him every single night for the rest of his life. Jake was a good guy, friendly and open; may he rest in peace.

Hamas, Al Quaida, and the Islamicists will reenact the horrors of the Holocaust if they can. We must protect Israel as we protect our own land. To do that, we must remain in the Middle East. Those who say it is none of our business are so very wrong. They hate us as much as they hate Jews. We are Jews; all non-Muslims are Jews. Europe never quite got it. And still does not get it. Sooner or later, it will be everyone's turn.

In this time of anniversaries we should remember that, for survivors, every day is the anniversary. Every day is full of the horrors of having survived.

Zack Queal, 17, said people need to learn from Jacobson's lesson. “This reinforces the old saying that people who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it,” he said.
“Anything can happen.”


Little Pond

Friday, April 21, 2006

Chow time! Lunch break is at Criminal Grace for Takeout:

1--My favorite ethnic foods are Chinese and Mexican.
2--Must-haves are Subgum chow mein and Guacamole salad.
3--Guacamole with tortilla chips is always available at the Friendly House in the Little Pond. As are hummus and whole grain pita. Always.
4--Food travel? Hands down, head to England, where all cuisines are located in London, thanks to old-time Imperial days.
5--Unless I learned the language, I wouldn't go to Japan, where food tends to be very expensive, for just the opposite reason--insularity. They are loyal nationalists who mostly buy Japanese, thus protecting their economy. Can't blame them.

Little Pond

Monday, April 17, 2006

Weird and Wonderful

Our early Mass was full. I know Easter Sunday should be full, but the regulars were very cranky to lose their spots. More people mean more perfume and cologne, but I was able to stick it out, thanks to my inhaler. I needed it just to enter and sit, and again after the procession with incense.

Absolutely did not recognize most of the newbies! Just like at the Reconciliation service. This must be the clustering, the consolidation.

Which left me feeling conflicted about the position of our pastor. We've lost a few of our original congregation. They didn't like the pastor. This I don't get. However, we just might accrue a goodly number of people who like him and will stay put. I hope so.

Ironic, that the pastor who is blamed for the loss of parishioners was chosen to lead the parish in our new cluster! Wouldn't that be a hoot??!! Good for him? I wonder if that was exactly what he feared??? All my prayers and my money are on our cantankerous, funny, original, Fr. Jerry!

Little Pond

Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Easter Buddy

And we are off to Golden Glow for feasting, friends and fun. Our contribution?

Happy Easter
Make your own drinks
We have included everything you need
for breakfast drinks, both soft and cocktail.

Bloody Mary
The Classic.
One jigger vodka.
Fill glass with tomato juice.
Add dash of Tobasco sauce and a stalk of celery for stirrer.
Veggie Mary uses V8 instead of tomato juice.
Virgin Mary has no vodka.
Lemon or lime slice or wedge tucked onto the rim.

The Classic.
One jigger Brut Champagne.
Fill glass with orange juice.

Pineapple Mimosa has orange and pineapple juice.
Dash of Triple Sec and orange slice for Triple Mimosa.
Add a jigger (dribbled slowly down the inside rim of glass) of
Pom juice for Pomposa.

All juices and hard drinks are fine by themselves, too.
(I considered calling the Pineapple one a Pineposa, but that sounds a bit like Pimposa, and that won't do!
Happy Easter to you all.
Little Pond

Saturday, April 15, 2006

I Just Wanted to Thank GruntDoc...

Am I the only one who starts a simple, one-line post, segues into having to research a half-dozen links, and ends with going through a rather extensive favorites' list? Tops it off with Googling some bit of humor or esoteric info?

A hearfelt thank you to GruntDoc, who's riding for a Multiple Sclerosis fundraiser! A few years ago, my brother Jim rode on his own to raise money for MS research, too. He biked from the Florida keys to Boston. Apparently it cost him his job; found another shortly thereafter, though.

Okay, I know I don't, but every morning this is how I feel I look. Incidentally, if you haven't visited with Bonita yet, go here, and keep scrolling for humor, stunning photos and all sorts of eclectiscism. Is that a word?

Got your Americana Day-to-Day right here. Notable quote:
"I am going to try to donate every eight weeks so I can get one of those neato pins that declare “I Donated Ten Gallons!”

Tried that, too. But the MS brought an end to that. Red Cross policy, you know. I was stunned and hurt. After all, I had donated blood my entire adulthood, even hauling the kids with me when they were tiny. Did you know that kids raise your body temperature? Same as cuddling up with cats for warmth?

Speaking of cats, maybe we can get Peggy Kaye to post a photo of the infamous Betsy/Bossie/Butch/Inky???

And finally,

"Goomp, as always, goes for the jugular and bags his prey."

Always the feline outlook on life at Sissy's. Nothing wrong with that. Why does everything lead to cats with me, you ask? You didn't ask, but it's because I have Big Ol' Bubba sitting on the table yowling at Husband RJ, and Needy DeeDee trying to get into my lap, and stepping on the keyboard to accomplish it. Patches is asleep on the mantle, slowly slipping off, left hind leg first. And that will bring HuggaMutt out from under the covers in the VeggieGirl's room!

Yes. Every day.


Little Pond

Friday, April 14, 2006

Under the weather in more ways than one.

Dark and dreary, lungs hurting and coughing unproductively. Too bad I have to work tonight. But it's time for Five on Friday with our thanks, as usual, going to Criminal Grace. I was thinking of adding another question for (Six on) Saturday, but you late filers have enough guilt and anxiety already:

1. We always file at least a few days in advance. Just to avoid the crowds at the post office.

2.-3. Husband RJ is good with numbers and does ours himself on paper.

4. RJ starts in January, just to determine if there is a remote possibility of a refund. Gotta have the docs, though.

5. Oh, yeah. As a child of the 1960s, "boycott" was often on my lips. Now I call it "holding a grudge."

Happy weekend to you all.

Little Pond

Thursday, April 13, 2006

"I'm stuck in Folsom Prison..."

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First kitty walk of the season. Successful, that is. Just warm enough in the sun, and a kitchen full of plumbers. You know, if money were no object, we'd buy the whole town and the pesky rugrats would never come inside. More photos here.

Little Pond

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I am not a serious blogger...

You may remember my oft-repeated admonition that my stuff is loathed by serious bloggers. See the kicker here, directly under the blog header.

Well here's proof that I am not just paranoid. Well, okay. I am paranoid. But I am not, I repeat, not, a serious blogger. Note the spammy sort of comment that naturally appears first. An AD for a domain!

Blogger is not perfect, but it's where we got to have our first "say." And many do move up to their own private domain. But, what elitism! Blogging has gone to its own special dogs:

"So goodbye, Yellow Brick Road, Where the dogs of society howl..." (Elton John and Bernie Taupin)

I guess the best part of moving up is forgetting one's roots.

Little Pond

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Waiting for the plumber

I'm expecting FixRite Bob this morning, for a followup on the leak in the kitchen and a start on the toilet troubles. Just so I can post and run before I am finished:

Incredibly generous with her art, Shelley moves about in a paradise of intense color and peaceful members of the animal kingdom. No wonder some people eat flowers; they are indeed inviting.

My Blogmother Sissy is miffed at someone. I won't even dignify them with a mention, let alone a link. We hates them forever!!!!

Peggy is suffering, and shares it with us, with her usual pearly wisdom. She doesn't want our sympathy, though, only our prayers. Fortunately, she's working to resolve it all, and offers us a treat. Bloggers can be so giving.

White Lightning Axiom is a site I visit more and more. Nothing quite like the little day to day. This is what America is to me.

Of course I'm jealous about this tiny note: "...the spring veggies are already coming up..." Braggart!

Finally, let me just weigh in on the immigration thing:

I know an excellent firm in New York that has handled immigration law for decades. My best buddy from college is a partner. I also worked in immigration law, for a very brief time. Just long enough to form the opinion that anyone who truly wishes to become a working, law-abiding American will find a way to become properly documented. Even if it is sometimes after the fact. Our immigration laws tend to be very generous to that sort of petitioner.

Darned plumber is already late.

Little Pond

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Help Karen Celebrate

My Blogsister is coming up on her anniversary. She's looking for suggestions on how best to approach it. Hop over there and give her some ideas. Or drop some to me, through the profile at right.

C'mon, guys. Don't make me send Ellie (The Nipper) HuggaMutt to motivate you....

Little Pond

Friday, April 07, 2006

Getting Ready for the Easter Parade

Last night I realized that my Easter preparations may very well be in vain. I certainly cannot go to Mass this weekend, because the Palms will set off grass allergies. Next Saturday's Easter Vigil is also out: EVERY participant will have a lit candle!!! And if the 8AM Easter Service is crowded, then even that is out. Perfumes and colognes definitely bother the asthma. I suspect that those who usually sit near me are cutting back on theirs each week, the dears.

But I have accrued quite a nice outfit. Long khaki pants, rich rosy top and floral light jacket. And don't forget the mango sandals. Which should please our friends at Criminal Grace.

To wit:

1. Nearly every week of the year I wear some sort of mule. I wear them with half-socks.

2. For the non-shoe-lover, a slide is a mule. I also own some flip-flops, but not the rubbery kind.

3. No sandal-weather yet, but I've just purchased some lovely mango-colored ones for Easter.

4. I don't think anything less than formal dress is appropriate at the Presidential Palace. At least, for mature adults. Perhaps the girls felt that the cutting edge of fashion was formal enough for the occasion.

5. Apparently, I qualify as a "Quirky Shoe", but you, dear reader, must go to Criminal Grace for Five on Friday to learn your type.

Little Pond

Monday, April 03, 2006

Dumbed down Monday

Just some links from my various blogrolls (or to be there soon):

Is this Zen? Hasidic wisdom? Or both? Welcome back David at Rishon Rishon. Love this kind of stuff!

Many thanks to Maria at Intueri! I personally did not sign up to walk this year. My health, my daughter's health, etc. We may still walk, just to support the others in Corning, NY, though.

And I can't tell if I've never noticed, or if this is brand new at Pearls and Dreams:

The tiny grain of sand may seem like an irritation,
but you never know when it will turn into a Precious Pearl,
and give birth to a lifetime of Dreams.

Pretty profound stuff, Peggy. Or should I say Pearly?

Little Pond