Saturday, December 03, 2011

Pets keep us in sync with the Universe

When the RiverDog first arrived, she came just in time to set me on the road to recovery from a series of Multiple Sclerosis exacerbations.  She was just a little nipper who hadn't yet grown past her ears.

In need of many walks, my little buddy soon had me tramping the neighborhoods, getting us both in shape.

Now we are tied to the Chemung River, were she can run off-leash, and I can watch for unusual birds migrating through our flyway.  We were both able to enjoy a few years of running and hiking.

Unfortunately, Time intervened, and neither of us has a claim on immortality.  I am only too aware of her doggie lifespan, and she can sense mine.  Time is slowly claiming us, and we know it.

In another five or six years we will both likely settle back into enforced idleness, our walks confined to the city sidewalk nearer home.  And somehow--just by accident?--we are once again synched.

People with MS live shorter lives than others.  Doggies do too.

Maybe neither of us will have to leave the other.

Thursday, December 01, 2011

Night-Mariah before Christmas

Not nice, Mariah!  You are way too old to be sharing bubble-gum music, let alone a whole video, with Justin Bieber.
Mariah, you have become that creepy older woman who is trolling around for boys, so she can initiate them into the "mysteries" of adult love.

And shaking your butt in a Santa Outfit should be reserved for "Adult" Christmas parties.

Stay away from our teenaged boys, Lady.

BTW, I have deliberately NOT linked to the video.  It disgusts me.