Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Just apropos of nothing in particular.

JJ Leander is my pen name, and I now have five books out. Two are racy novelettes, and three are re-imaginings of the Rosary Mysteries, only from a fictional view point.

The racy novelettes are not x-rated, but the viewpoint is adult.  There are many mysteries of Christianity included, hidden in the stories.  I would not recommend them for anyone under 18.

My books are popular--among my family and friends, of course.  I am writing because I never had time to write when I was working.  For many years I worked either one or two jobs, because we needed to pay living expenses.

More about that another time.

When I finally stopped working, it was because my health, MS, Arthritis, Hypertension, Asthma, pain, depression and anxiety finally crashed me.

Completely.  I had been fighting advice to stop, because we needed to pay expenses.

I was so very overdue for rest and recuperation, that I was IMMEDIATELY approved for disability.

We learned that it is ridiculous to expect a sick person to work.  If you are sick and you think it is killing you, you are probably right.  I learned that I was so fragile that some of the treatments for MS nearly killed me.  Twice.

I am living the dream now.  I am hopelessly behind in housework, and now do not give a ___  whether or not it is done.  I write when I am not too tired and I research only when I am feeling pretty chipper.

My writing will never pay for itself.  If you are truly interested look up JJ Leander in the Kindle section of Amazon.  Eventually I will put them all in paperback.

Someday.  Maybe.  Or maybe not.