Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Postmortem on my week off.

I learned that I am full of new sensitivities:

Bought 12 pk of Miller High Life longnecks for the week. (Two per night with a few nights off.) After three nights, I woke in the morning with hives on my neck and face, and intestinal cramps. And forget the lovely Miller Chill. The citrus goes right through me, sore all the way through, too. (Sorry about that...)

A trip to the Corning Museum of Glass was cut short by an asthma fit. Albuterol inhaler was a big help, but my whole system was upset by the coughing and sneezing, and I left, if only to allow the rest of the tourists to enjoy their very expensive visit (remember, cmog is not government subsidized) in peace. I highly recommend the glass flower exhibit because it's not what one would expect from the television ads. Amazing stuff.

Spent one rainy day cooking a huge pot of tomato sauce for the VeggieGirl. Ate one tiny slice of leftover tomato, and got a sore throat with stomach upset. Also I learned that while unripe cantaloupe tastes like cucumbers, it still rips through the system like unripe fruit.

Some day I will grow up and stop putting everything in my mouth (just because it looks good).

Little Pond

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Summer Saturday

A very hot, humid day replaced by a humid, stormy night. I love storms. Watched it in a darkened living room, National Geographic on TV. Lots of flashing and wind, little rain. Temps dropped down into the 60's F (18-19C) and that was that.

That was enough. Tomorrow is the last day of my break, and I hope to be able to venture out into the real world again. Running from the AC in the car to the AC in a store and back to the AC in my house does not constitute visiting the real world.

All in all the vacation was a success: I did post another chapter in the trilogy, and I am finally able to sleep 7-8 hours straight, with only one trip for the usual. As opposed to 3-4 hours sleep and done for the night!

And the house is reasonably clean. Yardwork, however, was never finished, due to the oppressive heat. Not unexpected in the summer here in the Finger Lakes region.

Same old, same old, and I'm glad.

Little Pond

Sunday, August 19, 2007

What is it?

It had been brightly sunny at first, but when Ellie and I headed back from the Chemung River, this strange shadow caught my eye.I couldn't figure it out, so I followed it by eye, determined to take pictures until I knew.It wasn't really anything much, just a contrail over some low-hanging clouds.

It was still cool.

Little Pond

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Time for a treat

Yep, done the nasty dayside workweek. I intend to send a postmortem to my boss about it. I need closure. Things got so bad that when I left on Friday, there were still things bothering me, even though I thought I had covered two jobs as well as one could expect.

Also, the place is reeling from yet another--yes, even beyond the one mentioned this week--purge. Most of my coworkers, dayside, spent their shift trying to verify what occurred at Binghamton. Personally, I still don't know if it's true, because I was working my freaking butt off and didn't have time to participate. I wouldn't anyway. We were warned, so it's likely true. The reason I think it may have happened is that my immediate superior was totally deflated last night.

Word is they got another long-time veteran. Also another rumor was that a new hiree came from long distance, after pulling up and moving to the area, and was let go as she or he came into the building. Finally an employee found his code no longer let him into the building. When he called to be let in, he was met by a goon squad that escorted him to his desk--so he could clean it out and leave. All the same site? Who knows? It's a very large, multinational company.

All rumors. Our people were freaking out. I was too exhausted to care. Besides, we have been there, done that before. Additionally, we were warned in advance that this was coming. Jobs have been eliminated and otherwise shipped overseas. Those are actual facts.

Kinda makes one wonder if warning people was such a great idea. Legalities, maybe?

Anyway, I couldn't sleep more than a couple hours last night, and finally gave up at 5AM. I cleaned house and went grocery shopping. I tried to nap again today with no luck.

Nerves, nerves, nerves. When's my turn?

HA! I nearly forgot the treat!

My own easy-to-do chili cheese dogs:
Lite hot dog roll, turkey frank. Both Weis Market store brand.
Old Fashioned Foods, Squeeze Cheeze Nacho variety.
El Rio Chili Con Carne, no beans.

Squeeze the cheese into the bottom of the roll. Insert the frankfurt. Liberally spread a huge amount of chili on top. Microwave about half a minute.

Good with a crisp lager beer, better with a less expensive wine, say Hazlitt Red Cat or a rose.

Little Pond

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Some memories:

When I was quite tiny, there was a boy who visited from the wrong side of the tracks. He'd sing Hound Dog to me. We were about five, I think. After first grade, I never saw him again.

Still, I wasn't really a fan until I studied in Spain. Elvis was more than "The King" to my dorm mates. I know many songs by heart because they wanted translations. They were enthralled by his voice and phrasing.

My "muy amiga" Rosa, would close her eyes, and get goosebumps from the enchantment he wove in her psyche.

After college, my good friend Karen and I would go to Indian Ranch for country music outdoors. There was a very good tribute act, Stan Young, I think. He was every bit as handsome as Elvis, maybe even more so. There was nothing comic or tacky about his performance, either.

My brother Tom bought me a ukelele when we were young adults. I taught myself to pick out some music. Love Me Tender was my favorite.

Elvis Aron Presley died 26 years ago today.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Damnedest Funniest Thing...

We all got an emailed from our district boss, who likes to sign just his first name. As if we know who the hell he is...

Anyway, he begins by citing the damning analyses by bloggers regarding the local stocks' tailspin. Their take? Gannett is in trouble. Big, big trouble, and will be selling off stuff.

What stuff? Dunno, mostly papers, stations, the usual. Occasionally I get the itch and read the quarterly report for investors. This stuff goes on all the time, as does, I imagine, the bloggers making predictions that are accurate or not. Big, hairy deal.

For the record, the same day, a very longtime maintenance employee, and another editor got their hats handed to them, in an effort to restructure (I think that is what we were told a few weeks ago) and keep on doing the stuff that's "good for Gannett." You know, like outsourcing our jobs to India--with sometimes hilarious results. (Like the illustration they chose for the dancing club ad! Just guess.)

Not coincidentally, I suspect, we also got the notices of two other employees who are abandoning ship before, well, whatever.

Don't want to be one of those bloggers...

Little Pond

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

St. John W

If you frequent Little Pond, you already know our patron saint:

John W. Jones came to Elmira as a runaway slave. He facilitated the flight of some 800 fugitives like himself through the Underground Railroad. My dorm room in 1975-76 was right over one of those passages.

During the Civil War there was a prisoner of war camp on the banks of the Chemung. My beloved river was probably the cause of thousands of deaths from diseases exacerbated by the dampness and flooding.

Jones personally oversaw the burial of almost 3,000 of those unfortunates. He kept meticulous records that allowed their grieving families to find closure in Woodlawn Cemetery.

Sunday we had a couple of pieces in our newspaper about Jones: an editorial detailing his life; an update on the restoration of his home and creation of a John W. Jones Museum; a series in the Gallery section with photos of the museum.

Icing on the cake! St. John W was a gentleman. (DUH! or DOH! Actually they mean "prosperous")

And sprinkles! Did you know?

Love it!

Little Pond

Saturday, August 04, 2007


Well, as much as one can chill in almost 90 degrees F (32C). Ellie and I are visiting the Chemung River every day. It's just too hot for little, low-down doggies to walk the streets and sidewalks of our little city.

Ellie was attacked by another dog a few weeks ago, so we tend to go earlier than before, before 9am. Then I return home very tired, cruise the blogs and share a little breakfast with my little buddy.

Most of my writing energy is going to the Dragon Lady Trilogy, and the rest of me is going to work, resting or getting ready to do so. Work or rest, that is.

Keep cool.

Little Pond