Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hurts my Heart

Husband RJ's not feeling great after out little brush with the flu two weeks ago. Luckily, we both had shots, so it was merely a brush, with us feeling fluish and tired. Must be I'm used to fatigue, but he is not; it's left him tired and depressed.

We have not had HuggaMutt around, because she makes too many demands on him.

Well, I miss her. To counteract that, I've gone on excursions alone. It makes me feel better, and keeps me healthy. But I still miss her.

Tuesday I went back to the Newtown Creek for some sunny winter pictures, that I will post to RiverHag. There is one more set of photos I want to include before then, also from a trip without little CuddleBum. All will be available by the weekend.

The area was visibly frosty and pretty, and chock full of canes and reeds. Newtown Creek is a deserted area, so the weeds remain at least waist high.

Not so deserted! While plowing my way through the thickets, I ran into this. You'll need to click on the image to see what I mean.

Someone's deserted fishing camp. Or so I thought.

It was tight as a drum. Eventually I found the entrance and opened a compartment.

There was a newspaper from last week, some clothes and other stuff. It was a homeless person's camp.

I reclosed the flap, made a hasty exit, and hoped the occasional snowsquall would cover my tracks. Didn't want to distress the owner.

That person is now in my prayers. Not much else I can do for someone who wants to live so far away from other people.

Little Pond

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