Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Darkness on the Edge of Midgar

If you've seen my other blogs, you know I write fantasy romance.

Role-playing games are rarely well-developed, story-wise. That's why I love the Final Fantasy series, by Square-Enix. They have STORY. Not always a lot of plot, but plenty of story and lots of characterization.

Unfortunately, as well-developed as they are, there are loose ends. And that's where legions of fanfiction-eers come in.

But I had some very mundane concerns. Nothing lofty like "Snow Fields," just everyday questions that needed answers. My Dragon Lady series, on the right sidebar, attempts to answer those questions within the framework set by Square Enix.

That experiment will end shortly. This week's chapter is a sort of winding down. Our heroine is finally connecting with her long-lost family, some of them. As usual, being a Jenova mutant has its disadvantages. After all, what happens when superpowers interfere with family life?

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