Tuesday, April 01, 2008

It's been a difficult winter: the past month alone has been dedicated to being sick with a virus, and I have not been able to blog as much as I would like.

We have therefore decided to aggressively pursue the possibility of pulmonary transplant. Mine are damaged beyond repair, and the scarring has contributed to the constant relapses of bronchial congestion and resultant shortness of breath.

Donated tissue has been located and the surgery date is set.

A word about the donor, to whom I will be forever grateful: Miss Lillian Wilczkowsky, an immigrant from the Boston area, was a movie actress and a proponent of alternate lifestyles, who danced under the stage name C. Morgan. She was a uniform tissue donor, and I have been asked if I wish to receive some of her other tissue. We decided to investigate.

After a complete physical and full-range testing, it was determined that I could also become the recipient of her other tissues, which were ample. Despite the obvious risk involved, I decided to honor her memory by going for the complete torsal donation.

With new lungs and the other tissue, I will be able to pursue my dream of becoming a full time night-club dancer. In my case, of course, pole dancing is mandatory, because I can no longer maintain the proper balance for solo, unsupported movement. The addition of the donated tissue would make this difficult for any woman, and impossible for me. I look forward to strengthening my limbs and earning enough money for a complete myelin restoration procedure.

I'm off to buy a new bra and back brace. I will keep you posted.

Little Pond


Karen of Scottsdale said...

ROFLOL! You crack me up! Pole dancing too! Too much! Loved it.

Sissy Willis said...

You're a funny one. :-)

pb said...

If you are still wondering...

C. Morgan was Chesty Morgan, Agent 73FF from old "nudie" films. People from the Boston area may still remember her as a hugely endowed dancer. Lillian Wilxzkowsky was her real name.

Chesty Morgan was occasionally a joke name for me, because I was not quite even a A size in bras.

Still am not.

Granny J said...

Hi would you believe that I read the first paragraph & half at Bloglines yesterday & I've been wondering about you, ever since! Today, I went to your blog and am somewhat reassured!!! Chesty, indeed.