Monday, October 27, 2008

Sarah Palin: Not just another dress-up doll.

It wasn't enough that the Dems had to dredge up the wardrobe costs. As if they don't carefully watch each and every tide of opinion on that. After all, Ms. Obama went on TV in a cheap dress to prove a point. Big, hairy deal. Bet she's dressed to the 9's (like $900) any other time.

No, it was so important to bring up the Palins kids' travel, too. Alaska is a big country, so people travel by plane. Ergo the Palin kids will often go by air.

Ahh, as pointed out by Husband RJ, the other candidates don't waste government money on their kids.

Bam! Right about there she won my vote. All those men treat their kids as props for election purposes, barring none. But they can't be bothered to fly them around enough to stay with Daddy and Mommy the rest of the time.

Sarah may be a finagler, somewhat shady at times, in her role as Governor of Alaska. She may have allowed the GOP to dress her like a paper-doll Barbie, her kids and all. She may even shoot moose from an airplane (not nuts about that one, especially, although I'm pro-hunting).

But her kids come first. Outside of politics, there are few women who leave their kids on the back burner, a habitual sin on the mens' parts, incumbent included. My kids come first; her kids come first.

Let's see. Who would be a perfect ally of mothers to daily influence our next president, and perhaps eventually become the president?

Sarah Palin has my vote.

Sorry, RJ. (Actually, I'm not sorry at all!)

Little Pond

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