Monday, January 19, 2009


Their situation is dire. Israel is being excoriated as a huge bully attacking the defenseless. It is horrible how the civilians suffer. So many dead, so many wounded, so many homeless.

Hamas hides behind human shields. Always has, always will.

Israel will defend itself, an island of civilization amid the barbarians. It would not surprise me if Palestinians begin to filter into Israel. Again. After all, they will be safe there.

The Israelis take care of their own, training them to avoid the missiles and keeping a standing army to protect its nation.

Hamas recruits the hopeless from mosques, and pumps them up to kill themselves and others.

Their human shields are their parents and families. Their parents and families stand solidly behind them, taking incoming Israeli attacks full in the face. Ergo every Palestinian is in fact a solder.

Hamas soldiers duck out of harm's way to save themselves, and their families die, creating the most starkly horrifying situation, designed to inflame the world.

The absolute antithesis of how a nation's army is supposed to operate. The barbarians are willing to sacrifice their nation to lessen Israel in the eyes of the world.

Pure genius.

Little Pond

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