Monday, February 23, 2009

Went to see Ron White

He did two shows at the Clemens Center last night. We had back row orchestra seats, but could see perfectly well and of course the sound was great. Ron White presented almost all new material, so we got our money's worth, indeed.

By the way, I want to mention that the tickets were my Christmas present from Husband RJ, but my partner in crime last night was Gale, one of the last people standing at the Elmira Star Gazette office.
She's probably the one who will take down the flag.

At one point he mentioned our lovely theater which had recently been renovated and is now all sparkly and new. The
Clemens Center is an old vaudeville venue with an incredible explansion and is completely updated on the outside.

Even with the (supposedly) red-necked crowd, everyone was decently dressed and well behaved.

In fact, as we were leaving, the fellow who sat in front of us, turned to me and remarked, "Did you know he was so vulgar?" I mentioned that he usually is on Comedy Central, too, but the man insisted that he was never so raunchy. We finally agreed that the worst of it is usually bleeped out for cable.

This was not cable at the Clemens Center.

And last night was a two-fer!!!!

One of my favorite up and coming comics from Comedy Central was his warm-up act:
there was Alex Reymundo, in all his sexy, Latin-lover-turned-country-redneck glory! I was beside myself with elation and purred myself to sleep last night.

We even got AR's autograph, and spoke very briefly with him. I'll tell you what I told him.

I would have paid to see him alone.

One very happy Little Fish,

Little Pond

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