Sunday, August 02, 2009

Sunny Saturday

Spotted a huge tiger-striped bass or muskie, while birding. Brought home a very poor shot, because the river wouldn't cooperate. I gave it up after about six tries.

I tried to catch a heron doing his thing near the spillover, when I spotted a very unusual heron. I snapped away until I ran out of batteries.

This is not the first one I've seen. It can't be an egret, because there is no fancy plumage. Looks like a white heron, pure and simple.

Almost makes up for the miserable, rainy Sunday. So wet that even the waterfowl wouldn't come out to pose.


Little Pond


D. said...

We have a lot of those white herons like in your pictures... they like to hang out in the rice fields and eat bugs and frogs.

Sissy Willis said...

Or maybe a great blue?

pb said...

Where are you? Are they flying through from your area?


A great blue. Exactly. Even though it is white, when it is flying the black markings are clearly visible.

But Audubon never answered.

D. said...

I'm still in Western Japan. ^_^ I think they just live here, although I see them most often in the spring and early summer.

pb said...

LOL, kid! Our herons are year round, so I'm guessing your whites are also.

For a while there, I thought you might be someone in the Mid Western USA, where there (apparently) are rice paddies, or at least, some sort of wild rice growers.

You should be back here, where the summer is especially cool so far. Unfortunately, all the jobs have shipped out of Elmira.

D. said...

LOL, oops, sorry.. Yes, it is I.

If I end up in the Midwest, shoot me. :D

And right now I'm at the airport, headed to New York for a two-week break. I'll be stopping up in Horseheads, too. Hope I recognize the place.