Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Sorry if you're disappointed

But the Riverhag has been busy visiting with the GrandKid on weekends. These are our holiday shots of the Chemung. Go to the RiverDogging link on the side for more low river shots.
As for those who want more baby photos: maybe tomorrow.
Off to Binghamgton.
Little Pond


PES said...

yup, i think the pictures u have made seem be more dissappointed if u could give us what is the biggest poroblem of it, why did the river be surrounded with tree there..

pb said...

The river is never disappointing, but a few readers were looking for shots of my new grandchild!

Back in september, I was working far from home, and had little time for visiting the Chemung.

Trees still line the river today, because the levees and dikes are set back closer to the populated neighborhoods. While we were sad that many trees were axed, it is necessary to protect the city.

We learned from Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans that trees touching or near the levees can uproot and cause a breach and a flooding.