Friday, July 09, 2010

De Facto Evidence

For all intents and purposes, I am on disability. For those interested in the legal, financial, and work aspects, check the MS Companion, for past and future details.

And there were certainly struggles. The worst enemy was my own ignorance. I have been tilting at windmills in the workplace arena. Gannett has been very cooperative since the thing became official. Especially Luann in HR, who has patiently explained --again and again-- anything I did not understand.

My living expensives have been met by Gannett short-term disability. They will end shortly, and long term will take over, along with Social Security payments, to cover my needs. Unfortunately, those need include many bills, most not related to my illness, but to the everyday troubles generated by raising teenagers and living through good and hard times.

The RiverBlogs will rise again. For now, I must rest, do some healing, homemaking, mothering and grandmothering, until the creative juices compel me to grab the keyboard and blog for dear life.

Bear with me a few weeks while it all coalesces into my new lifestyle.

Love to all.

Little Pond

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