Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Hope you weren't offended by my last post.

I hate flying, and will only fly in an emergency.  
The last time was to return home for my godfather's funeral.  I hated every minute of it and upset all the people around me by looking like death warmed over.  To call me white-knuckle doesn't begin to describe my fears.

But I wanted to be there for the widow, my Godmother, and my Dad, who lost his baby brother.  My eldest uncle was wandering around saying he should have died first, and really needed all of us to assure him that we were thrilled to have him still with us as long.

Nevertheless, my dearest, darling, loving, accepting, sometimes funny and always good-humored Godfather had died.  By the end of the weekend, I was depressed and self-medicating.  Needless to say the trip back to Little Pond was wrapped in an alcohol-laced melancholy.  That is to say, I remember nothing about it.

If I need to fly again, I willingly will submit to the scan.  After all the MRI's due to MS, and the many mammograms due to a family history of ovarian and mammary cysts and tumors, a few more zaps ain't gonna amount to much more than a p-sshole in a snowdrift.  And if I had to get groped, well, I guess I would request a cot so I could just lie back and enjoy it.

You see, when and if I am ever next to the religious-crazed nutbag who begins to light a match (or whatever), I will scream bloody murder.  And I want everyone else around me to do likewise.  I intend to go down kicking the $#!+ out of anyone who begins to look suspicious.

I'll deal with the legal ramifications later, if I'm wrong.
No one's likely to suffer unduly at my hands, but then again, with MS, I can take a few hits to the hands without feeling a thing until a tad later.  By then, the other passengers can take over.

Who's with me?

Little Pond


Deanna said...

Sorry to be commenting on this so late...

This whole scan thing is interesting. People are all up in arms about it, and yet I'm not sure that everyone has to go through it. After Christmas, I went through security at JFK on my way back to Tokyo, and since I didn't set off the metal detector, they didn't put me in the scanner. So while it may be different elsewhere, it seems people are getting excited about something that they may not even have to do to begin with.

Meanwhile, if it's about the radiation, you'd probably get exposed to more simply by flying. If it's about the OMG NAKED thing, well, people need to stop thinking their clothes completely hide what they look like under them.

But yeah, I agree. With so many people doing crazy things nowadays, I'd rather they take the extra precautions to screen people; I wish the disgruntled would see it that way. I would hate to see us go back to that NO ONE IS GOING TO ATTACK *US* mindset we had before 2001.

pb said...

I agree. No more silliness on this stuff, please.

It's going to take some time to work out the best, fastest and surest way to find explosives. Everyone needs to be patient in the meantime.

Who knows how many bombers have already been discouraged by all the new measures? Homeland Security knows; in due time they will let us know.

Anonymous said...

With the braces, and the sagging eyelids of exhaustion, I fit all the profiles. So I have to stand with my hands out tp my sides and listen to the speil, and need a wheel chair, and all the foll-de-roll and miss the connection. Have a cell phone but no one to call. Another cab ride home, cost another months gas bill, and then the questions: Why didn't you make it?" I'll never make it again. I have been giving them the same answers for six years. I feel like I am in Abu Gharaib under the Bush administration. Speaking to brick walls. They say the sign of insanity is to keep doing the same thing over again and getting the same result. Well, I now have no family or friends, since they can't hear me when I tell them the same thing every year. Why waste my breath? The military has a different meaning for friends and family. No one I know fits it. So, am now an orphan for the third time around, in the worst city in the world, Norfolk, Virginia to be disabled.

pb said...

When the going gets rough, it's time to hire a lawyer. I'm told by neighbors that the lawyer is worth it, since they take no pay unless they win.

When they win--and they usually do when they promise no fee unless they win--then the money you didn't have before will easily pay them.

If you can't get through, and the paper-pushers don't even see you, it's time to hire a lawyer--a good one, not a cheap one!

Good luck and God Bless your efforts.