Saturday, May 28, 2011


Our precious storm orphan, Dee Dee, now has a pink belly, fairly bereft of hair.  You may also see that her leg is somewhat hairless on the inside, too.

She shows no distress, and just loves for me to stroke all the bare areas.  I'm afraid it is a sign of age, but never had a cat go bare like this.  Only on the underside.  And no other sign of hair loss any where else. 

Anyone have a clue why?

Little Pond

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Herrad said...

Hi Pb,
No idea why your cat has gone bald.

Sorry about my lack of visits.
Spike's, our dog, illness, quick death and being so ill jan/feb to march meant no visits.

Since then I have been spending more time sitting in my wheelchair I have also not been visiting.

I just passed by to say hello.
I hope you are doing well.