Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hot, wet summer equals...

...an unusual abundance of apples;
Apples hanging in clusters like grapes.

The whole tree is just full.

They look wonderful, but unfortunately they are inedible.

We don't use any commercial pesticides, because of our pets.

They look like little gems hanging there. 

Both trees are covered from top to bottom.
We can't allow people to pick them, because of the liability in case of injury.  We do allow our neighbors to collect the ones from the ground.  They feed them to horses, or use them to establish hunting areas for deer.  We can only hope that they all fall soon, because there is a time limit involved.  Hunters are not allowed to create such lures during the hunting season.  Only the state can do that, for purposes of thinning the herds.

Kind of an ugly reality, but really necessary up here.  Best to hunt them.  Have you ever seen or heard a starving deer?  Ask anyone who lives in the country up here; they have, and it's pitiful.

Little Pond


Anonymous said...

Note http://www.huntersforhungry.com .

pb said...

For any hunters, any where in North America: please check with your local game processors to make a similar donation near home.

Result: fewer starving deer and fewer starving humans. It's a win-win and easy to do.