Thursday, December 01, 2011

Night-Mariah before Christmas

Not nice, Mariah!  You are way too old to be sharing bubble-gum music, let alone a whole video, with Justin Bieber.
Mariah, you have become that creepy older woman who is trolling around for boys, so she can initiate them into the "mysteries" of adult love.

And shaking your butt in a Santa Outfit should be reserved for "Adult" Christmas parties.

Stay away from our teenaged boys, Lady.

BTW, I have deliberately NOT linked to the video.  It disgusts me.


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pb said...

Looking for the video, were you? Let me add that Mariah is okay by me, even shaking that bodacious (I'm told) booty. It's hers and she uses it at her own discretion. Just please, please, don't direct it at little boys!