Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Is is about shoes???

I dreamed I was helping a friend move furniture from some rooms to others.

After a while the friend turned into a former boss, who somehow had accrued enough furniture to fill a warehouse.  He owned the warehouse, too.  The work was way too much for me, for my back, and for the whole MS thing.

Then, when I was just about done, the whole scene turned into a furniture store.  I began to assist customers, when I noticed that I had removed my shoes while moving the furniture.

When I searched for the shoes, I found many, many shoes, all lined up on a wall.

Mine weren't there.  I checked around and found out that the area that held my shoes had become a shoe store.

They had sold my shoes.  The clerk showed me the copy of the bill of sale.  They had gotten $17.99 for them, worn and all.  I had paid $32.00, originally.

The shoes were spike heels, so I figured I wouldn't miss them.  On the other hand, I still needed the money back to buy a new pair of shoes.


Little Pond

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