Monday, November 05, 2018


I have been using Google Chrome almost since its debut.  A few years ago, I noticed that many new computers offer only Edge.  Since I use many Google Chrome features, I ignored the new Edge, except when word processing.

Then I bought a really inexpensive Acer, and Edge was part of the package.  It wasn't long before I wound up back with Chrome.

I got rid of the cheap Acer when I learned that it had only a mega-chip, and no hard drive.  A local firm explained that to me, so I told them to rig me up one of their dinosaurs, so I could have a hard drive.

My dinosaur is an old Compaq, which pretty much has all I need except speed.

No speed is needed for word processing, or even for an older version of Photoshop.  But the darned thing also came with Edge.

Accordingly, I installed Chrome and made it my default.

Until... until I learned that Facebook somehow came up all wrong.  It was closer to the FB on my Android devices.

I didn't like that, so I tried Edge, and voila FB came up properly.

Most, Very, Horribly, Unfortunately, the darned thing is not only full of ads, but those ads have a tendency to open either a new window or new tab.

Instant slowdown!  I put up with that for a very short while, and swore I would learn to love the FB on Chrome.

Well, TA-DA, FB now comes up okay on Chrome.  Every now and then I try EDGE to see if it had different news, or whatever, and the tab and window onslaught began again.

Enough.  No more EDGE.  I don't even care to find out how to fix it.

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