Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Real Superheroes

Our department, being filled with video gamers and comic collectors, was taken aback by this column in the Star Gazette. It is a lovely, sensitive column by a woman who is raising lovely, sensitive boys. Until she gets to the last line: there are indeed supervillans, but no superheroes.

This lady won't allow her children to read The Story of Ping, where the little duck gets a swat with a switch for being late. She specifically states that it has the duck being BEATEN, and refuses to read them stories where there are beatings. Guess that would interfere with raising lovely, sensitive boys.

I respectfully submit: not only are there supervillans in our world, but let's not teach our kids that there are no superheroes!

The Virginia Tech massacre is full of them.

For superheroes of the massacre, go anywhere on the Internet. But for specific instances of heroes at VT, not to mention elsewhere in our world today--sweet puddy photography as well any day--head over to visit our everloving Blogmother Sissy Willis, my own personal hero as well.

And don't believe for a minute that there are no superheroes in the real world.

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Shushan said...

Agreed. Our world has its real heroes!

I kinda understood the lady's concern about Ping. Her sons are very little indeed, and might not remember mama's admonishment about how we don't really go around spanking ducks ;-)

Sissy Willis said...

EGAD. Can I live up to your honoring me as a hero? I shall try, dear one.