Monday, April 09, 2007

What would we do without Easter or Passover?

Having raised both a Roman Catholic and an agnostic (don't even ask...), my answer is final: we would attach ourselves to whomever does celebrate them. And no, we wouldn't celebrate the Equinox instead. We celebrate the Equinox in addition to them.

My wonderful daughters brought me Easter Luncheon for Sunday. In turn I provided fixings for club sandwiches, including lunchmeats, bacon, rye bread and rolls. Husband RJ backed it all up with chocolate rabbits, brownies and white cake from Wegmans.

The VeggieGirl brought a huge salad that also gives me leftovers to augment my lunches for the first half of the week. Mamma Dog cooked a lamb shank in a vegetable sauce, of which I made short work, handing off the baton (so to speak) to the HuggaMutt who left nothing unchewed or unlicked. My number one daughter also whipped up my favorite, zucchini bread, that I hoped to enjoy the rest of this week. Alas, however. The bread did not survive past breakfast, and I will wear it proudly at my waist and hips. At least until I can get outdoors to exercise my walking stick later this week.

Daughter number two repaired to the spare bedroom to begin the proper stripping and spackling to turn it into a haven for future guests. She ended her work in the bathroom being tenderly nursed by Husband RJ, after she partly removed a knuckle trying to pull down old mirror panels. She will be sore, but fine. Or so I'm told, since she refused to let me see the wound, either before or after her her father administered first aid.

Otherwise we all had a wonderful visit punctuated by a presumptuously delightful California rose. Yes, I am ashamed to admit drinking outside my state. But Bill of Westside Wine and Liquors insisted it was the best sipping wine for the price. I really only want the best, but sometimes my purse has other ideas.

Back to bed, to rest before I start the workweek.

Little Pond

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