Thursday, May 31, 2007

Too Hot

I'm so glad I went photoblogging yesterday. This is the only one worth keeping.

A little story: My coworker from Troy, PA, hates Elmira. He was crowing that there was a mention of Elmira in a television program. CSI, I think. Definitely one of those investigation shows. They mention that they are going to Elmira to interview someone about a crime. When they get there, the people have a cow on their front lawn. He absolutely chortled with glee.

Well, I can tell you there are no cows in the city of Elmira. It's against the local ordinances or code or whatever. Can't even have a chicken or a kennel. The surrounding Town of Elmira may allow it in some districts.

The above photo is taken a tad down river from my usual stomps, although it is still in the city. Because of the "Great" flood of 1972, there is a lot of land that, while not pristine, cannot by law be developed for business or residence.

Already it is so hot and so dry that I was able to stand in the river bed and take this shot. I also took several small video clips. Without a tripod, they are not good enough to post. Not sure how I would include them, anyway.

That's a story for another post.

Little Pond

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