Saturday, June 02, 2007

This is a picture of my pets getting their Advantage

There is nothing wrong with your computer or Blogger.

Ellie is the only one to stick around. The cats especially are underfoot all the time, except when we take out the flea treatment.

Didi is first, because the last time, she went missing for two days as soon as the first treatment went on Bubba. Got her by surprise. She's under the bed, sulking.

Patches won't hide, but she won't let me do it. I'm covered in her fur now, and she is sauntering to the basement. Sweet little Patches turns into Hell Cat Horrific each time I approach.

Bubba is still too stupid to evade or elude. Got him. He's not happy, but he's treated.

When Husband RJ gets home we do the Kitty Taco thing with the towel. And she will be treated, come Hell or high water. And here in Elmira, high water is no joke.

Then RJ can mow the lawn, and we can set up the Kitty Walk. So it's not all bad.

Little Pond

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