Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I dyed yesterday.

Update: The black, done with RIT dye, was wonderful, five pieces colored to perfection. The indigo, done with some stupid stuff from Spain, was not the right blue for denim today, was really thick on the first item, blotchy on the second and nonexistent on the third. The second item will need to be redyed with a liquid dye. I give up on the third, no big deal. Guys, I recommend that only RIT (or maybe some other American dye) be used. Quality control is apparently lacking elsewhere.

And I will dye again today.

Yup. Dye. As in cloth. Not hair: too allergic.

But yesterday I had a successful stint with deep black for my husband's work jeans, a silk camisole and my "dragon lady" undershirt.

Today it's indigo, as in denim. A straight-leg pair of men's cut, my everyday work
"uniform," and his "lookin' good" jeans.

Total spent: less than $10.00 for all the dye. A few hours work over a hot stove, followed by gentle, warmwater laundering and cold rinse. Usually extends the life of my things a year or more. We'll see how long it affects his.

Good work for a rainy day, too.

Little Pond


Dreaming again said...

oooh I get in the clothes dying mood about every 18 months, and yeah, it definitely extends the life of clothing!!

Dreaming again said...

RIT ...only RIT ... if they don't have the color I need ... I wait till they do, or I mix and match to make the color I need or I drive from store to store to find the color I need.

RIT is the only one worth buying.

Karen of Scottsdale said...

Don't worry, Pat, I was only joking about the air hose.

So glad you dyed somewhat successfully!