Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Outskirts of Hell

Tuesday we cruised to Eldridge Park. It's a good place to lead a dog on leash.

We walked the bicycle path that issues east from the park proper. The bike path looked lovely at first, but we decided to hang a left onto a dirt road.

Uh, oh. Mistake.

First clue: piles of abandoned construction materials.
Second clue: stagnant, dirty runoff ditches.
It was a long, depressing trudge through muck and trash.

Even in Hell there was beauty enough.
Tangled vines and branches hid wildlife, and dirty water came alive with muskrats.

Ellie was busy smelling everything, and we bot
h got plenty of exercise.

But honestly, I felt as if I’d escaped Purgatory by the time
we were safely back at Eldridge.

We lost the leash along the path, but no way would we return for it.

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