Monday, December 31, 2007

Last Day 2007

The old apple tree from the bathroom window. Not an especially problematic snow, although Husband RJ has already been out once to clear the walks. More tonight and tomorrow morning.

I will work the paper. Haven't partied the New Year in ages.

Wolf Packs out tonight. For the non-upstater, that's common usage for the presence of the Sheriff's Department Traffic Random Traffic Stops. Around here that means very safe streets after midnight.

I'll probably be stopped, myself, on the way home from work. The sheriff's deputies don't know me from Adam. City police leave me alone, after a few stops in the early years.

Party safely and if you drink, stay over.

Little Pond


Sissy Willis said...

Happy New Year. Stay safe, blogdaughter, and enjoy!

Granny J said...

Doesn't sound very festive at Pat's Pond, but then I'm celebrating with my cat Max. Not even any bubbly... one glass of plonk from the box is it! But a Happy New Year to you -- and many more like it!

pb said...

Thanks to all. My New Year consisted of working overtime until 1AM. But my girls tracked me down, anyway, for a rather giddy greeting from everyone present at their party.

Happy New Year to all.

Hey, Granny J! What IS plonk?