Sunday, December 02, 2007

So this is December

Tried to take Ellie to the River. Too cold and biting for her to really enjoy. We trudged through the snow a while. When she seemed a little distressed by it all--keep in mind that a few inches comes up to her neck--I threw her in the back of the car. We returned home to a warm sofa with cuddly throw, hunkering for a nasty ice storm.

And I had another disturbing dream.

Little Pond


Karen of Scottsdale said...

My that looks so cold. Norm's photo today of clear blue skies is standard around here. I enjoyed our good soak from Fri and Sat, but now I'm happy to have our sun back.

btw, you do have disturbing dreams!

pb said...

We had a lovely day Tuesday, mixed snow and sun, but the biting wind wouldn't quit.

Scrambling now to fix up all the weatherstripping and other winterizing.

Then to decorate for Christmas!!!

Granny J said...

Interesting SF, pb, tho I am old and am inclined to avoid apocalyptic visions -- depresses me too much...

pb said...

I'd like to avoid them, too, buy my nights are full of them.

Always have been. Even when I was little, or simply because.

When I was little, I had my first one: Jets far over head, disappearing into the distance over a neighboring city.

Atomic strike causing gowing flash over the horizon.

Don't tell me that us children were not damaged by the Cold War. I still remember the Civil Defense shelter in the basement of our grade school. And I vaguely remember "Duck and Cover" buy it's really fuzzy.