Sunday, June 08, 2008

The River is Low

It's noisy and it stinks!

Actually, it isn't too bad in the downtown area, where the water is still spilling over the dam. Troutfishing is still good, there.

However, if anyone plans to visit the southern part, just below the city...

Stay out of the water, and away from anything that looks like mud.

My hikers are sitting out on the porch, where I hope the sun will dry them enough to allow me to brush them. Then I will clean them and sit them back in the sun again. Later I will apply some more water proofing, but for now, I can't get near them.

I bathed Ellie and I showered, but when MammaDog came by to collect her, she mentioned that something was very stinky.

SIGH... Still stinky, that is.

Little Pond


Granny J said...

That's the problem with parts of the world that are, basically, Wet. We are basically Dry, so that our cycle is flood (during melt time from mountain snow), followed by flow down to zilch and dry river beds. Those do not get stinky.

pb said...

But, really, stinky?

The odor of decay never left my nostrils all day Sunday.

And my daughter complained that the HuggaMutt still smelled, even after her bath and rinse!

I won't return to the River, except to stay on the dykes, for a while.