Thursday, June 05, 2008

Damn these rainy days.

RJ's garden , Thursday, June 5, 2008.
On the other hand, we wouldn't have such a lush garden without precip. There's a very young bunny out there, but he's hiding from me right now. The spinach calls him every morning just before RJ goes to work. We haven't the heart to shoo him.

Now for just a touch of the sunny days of yore. Look fast, because they run away like an excited HuggaMutt!

Just kidding. The forecasters promise temps in the mid 80s (approx 27C) later today and 90's (32C) tomorrow.

Little Pond


Karen of Scottsdale said...

I'll take your precip!

Deanna C. said...

Hey, Pat, greetings from Japan.

Nice to see you and the "cuddlesome" one in action. I need to properly email you but I hope you and all the lovely people at the SG are hanging in there. It's nice to read your blog cuz I miss the Elmira area... amazing, isn't it?

Talk to you later!

- Deanna C.

Granny J said...

I second karen's request! However, I note that today, there's been a tiny puff of a cloud lingering over the hills, which means that one of these days Real Soon Now, our summer rains will begin gathering.

pb said...

Love to, except now it's expected to go into the 90's (33-34C) today, so we may want to keep some of that wet stuff.

Only trouble is that it will come with a thunderstorm, and all the attendant troubles and dangers.

If we can spare some, we will ship.