Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A summer clarification

My daughters and many friends are now coloring their hair. After all, it's summer and their hair is changing anyway in the sun. My favorite happens to be the pinkish reds I am seeing these days.

The last time I colored my hair it was a sort of dark mauve. At that time I had to conclude that the dye was giving me a rash. I went into mourning because it had been my last ditch effort to change my hair. I had run through all the different tints and dyes and hennas one by one, getting a rash from each.

I never got to frost my hair. That would have been next. I was afraid I would be permanently damaged. Each rash seemed to be accompanied by increased hayfever or whatever and my last go-around had been debilitating.

Fortunately, my gray came in stripes. At first I was appalled, but now I am learning to comb and curl it to show it off in different ways. In short, I am playing with it. So now I am happy.

The ability to play with it was all I wanted anyway.

Little Pond

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