Monday, November 03, 2008

Two books.

As of this morning, I am writing two books. My latest Josephine book is going slowly, even though I am not agonizing over every little detail.

Something else was bothering me, impeding its progress.

I finally got some relief just before I got out of bed: the new book began spilling out.

It's too early to say much, but this one will be an historical novel. The dragon books required so much research, that I no longer have time for video games. The scouring for proper details has awakened a long-dormant aspect of my writer's self.

Research is something I do automatically on just about everything, even simple trivia questions. When I work a crossword puzzle, it seems a waste if I don't learn something new each time. It's my policy to look up words I don't recognize. Occasionally, if time allows, I will Google an answer that happened without my knowing it.

For instance, this morning I learned about Ringolevio, a street game. We played it, too, only in the snow. We called it Fox and Geese, unaware of the board games. I never heard of Ringolevio, but sure enough, there were the same rules, right down to the rescue of trapped geese.

So my new book will require a huge amount of research, and I will be happily humming along for many, many months before I can pull it together enough to talk about it.

Isn't serendipity a joy?

Little Pond

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