Saturday, November 08, 2008

Why I am still glad I didn't vote Obama.

Yeah, I know: we gotta get behind him. Okay, that is not a problem. This is the first election in a long time that was really electric. I wanted my guy, McCain to win, and still believe that he was the best man, with the much more impressive political record and life experience to back it up.

Still, Barack Obama is in, and I not devastated. He seems a good guy, a little youngish to my tastes, but the deed is done.

Let the president-elect be on notice: half of all citizen voters did not feel he was the man for the job, and were not impressed with his ideology.

Mr. Obama has a lot to prove. He'd better rest up over the next two months.


I am dismayed by the anti-gay marriage balloting in California. How could they have voted down a law that the people essentially wanted?

Word is that the Church of LDS and other religious right groups pushed and shoved from both inside and outside the state. I can't say it's wrong, because only the Californians voted.

Andrew Sullivan, one of my blog ancestors, had this to say.

And afterwards, this.

Let's hope he's right.

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