Saturday, October 31, 2009

Fall back this weekend.

Tonight we will set back the clocks to gain an extra few weeks of sunlight in the morning. Sounds good to me; I am tired of waking up to the bleak blackness.

Good news! We expect to be completely laid off this summer. I am more than ready; the commute is killing me. Gannett will move us to our temporary quarters in November.

Frankly, I don't care where we work. Just let's get it over with. It's been a miserable half year. We have adjusted, but don't like it any better than before.

I want out, and I'm getting out in another ten months.

Enough said.

Little Pond

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Herrad said...

Hi PB,
Sorry to hear you are being made redundant next summer.
Bloody horrible and difficult to find another job, even more at the moment.
Hope you find something local and can get down by the river during the week as well as be able to rest when you need to.
Have a good afternoon/evening.
It is 5.30 pm here wondr what the time difference is between us?