Saturday, November 07, 2009

Unexpected bonus

...of being willing to walk the frosty wet river bank after the snow. Naturally I bundled Ellie in a sweater and scarf, while I wore my winter walking coat and heavy headband.

Freezing temps prevented me from taking many shots, but when I saw this beauty, I forgot the cold and zoomed in for a photo. A pileated woodpecker.

This bird is half the size of Ellie. About two feet tall. Completely untouched photo. Double click to blow it up. We never got closer then about the full length of a football field.
Very gratifying.


Granny J said...

If I could be guaranteed such a shot, I might be willing to bundle up in the coldest weather...

pb said...

When I was tramping around this summer, I met a man who told me there was one here.

They are huge! They sound like a jack hammer on wood, and word is that they leave a mulch of thick pieces under the trees.

Love it.