Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Got Geeky Goods!

What geeks get for Christmas. My daughters teamed up to present me with a very nerdy holiday. A robe to cover my blogging jammies, and -- the best present ever!! -- a wireless gaming paddle. With dualshock, no less. A new look for the Little Pond is on tap for the New Year. I've asked Karen of Scottsdale to redo my colors and add a totally "pb" touch. More later. Posted by Picasa


Karen of Scottsdale said...

Nice gifts! What games do you play?

pb said...

These days I play the Final Fantasy Series by Square Enix. I plan to begin Final Fantasy Tactics whenever I can carve out a huge block of uninterrupted hours, a six pack of Miller High Life ponies, my new robe and no pets (pests)! I've even started a blog for Final Fantasy VII.