Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The GrandHoglet

Meet the latest introduction to the Little Pond ecosystem. Her name is Ci Wei, an English rendering of "Hedgehog" from Mandarin Chinese, which we are further corrupting to ki-wi. Something sweetly exotic, so to speak. Her MamaHoglet, our very own VeggieGirl, loves kiwi fruit. Our new little friend bears some resemblance to the EnZedder kiwis. And just as shy and semi-nocturnal, too.

Why, yes. We do have a thing about names in the Little Pond, don't we?

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Karen of Scottsdale said...

Awe! I want one! Does she live in your house? too cute :-)

pb said...

I absolutely forbade the kid to keep it here.

Ci Wei shares a room with Ellie when she visits.

NoLabels said...

Funny looking animal. I always wanted one of those, but too bad I can't. Interesting blog...nice pics too